Sunday, June 25, 2017


I've been on a booty making kick lately. Wait till you see how many baby bootees I have made in the past few months. There's a good reason for it of course. A friend of mine had a baby and usually that's reason enough to make a pair of booties.  But my friends baby got sick, real sick. And I thank God that she is well and healthy and thriving today. But she did lose a foot. She is too small for a prosthetic but her mom likes to put bootees on her. So she asked me to knit some for her. How could I say no? 
 This is the most recent pair that I finished. The pattern is from The Yarn Harlot. I love them. I love the look of garter stitch in variegated yarn. The yarn is socks that rock by blue moon fibre arts.  It is so vibrant and beautiful. And I just love those little pom-poms.
 This pair is also garter stitch. This time in a worsted weight yarn from Rhichard Devrieze that is speckled. Speckled yarns are all the rage right now.  The pattern is from The knitted slipper book by Katie Starzman (which is an absolute joy by the way). There are so many great patterns in this book!! I knit another one from this book too. 
These little slippers are knit and then felted down. They also come from Katie Starzman's book. I love the needle felted flowers. My daughter gave me some textured paint to use on slipper bottoms along time ago. This is the first time I've ever used it and I love it. Reagan tried these out and they definitely make for a no skid surface. They aren't sized for a baby of course. These were for the baby's older sister. There was no way I could gift a bunch of baby booties and not have something for the older sibling. That's just not how I roll. 
Now these mock shoes are to die for!! I love love love them. Whenever I talk about them my voice automatically switches into babyspeak and it's several octaves higher than it should be. I can't help myself. Amy says there's an actual name on this phenomenon. People do this all over the world. It's been studied extensively by linguists. Good to know i'm not the only crazy person out there. I thought they couldn't get any cuter and then I sewed the Daisy button on. Swoon!!! The pattern is by Bekka Knits and it's called Baby Merry-Janes. 
These also have the potential to make my voice go several octaves higher. Just look at those tassels. The pattern is from a Norwegian designer named Heidi Pettersen. It's called Lillebrors vintersko. I knit them using Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn. This yarn is super wash and it's a wool/cotton blend.
These aren't quite finished yet. There is no pattern for them. I'm making the pattern up as I go along. I love the way the bootie looks.  I'm sure when there's two of them they will look even better. I'm crazy about the picot edge. It's so much fun to knit. I'm worried they may be a little small for my friends baby. But that's ok because I'm gonna need some test knitted when I decide to publish this pattern. A larger size will fit the bill. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Keep on trying

I mentioned a while back that I'd been dabbling in other mediums. Mediums other than fiber that is. Believe me, that is really really branching out. My daughter introduced me to this thing called "masking fluid". The point of it is that you use it as a resist. You paint it on an area that you want left unpainted. Then you paint around it and when all is dry, you peel off the now dry (and almost rubbery) masking fluid. It is such a satisfying thing to do!!! I've been really enjoying playing around with it. 

So far, I've done these little leaves on water colour greeting card paper.  I'm smitten!  I plan on doing a lot more!

You can sort of see the masking fluid being peeled off in this picture above. 

 This is the leaf after the masking fluid is peeled off. They are so satisfying to paint. They are done on watercolour cards so they will be used as greeting cards for some occasion at some point.   Here is the most recent leaf. I love how the colours bleed into each other. This is what you call wet on wet technique in watercolour. I will be exploring more of this technique in the future  

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Mittens for Cooper

This is Cooper. He likes mittens. He also likes frogs. How could I resist making these frog mittens for him?

I couldn't.  At the request of his mom, I did an i cord too. He loves it!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2017 - Finishing Old FOs

Today is January 17, 2017.  We are already over half way through the first month in the new year.  Sadly, I have just finished one knitted object.  This year was rang in unlike others.  I wasn't gung ho to start a new project.  I didn't cast on anything new on New Year's Eve.  I just knit on the half dozen or so little projects that I've got squirreled away in various stages of completion all over the house. 

I have SO.MUCH.YARN!  You think I'd be embarrassed by it, but I'm not.  I'm quite proud of it, to be honest.  I jokingly say that I'm getting ready for retirement.  But, when I actually think on this, it might really be true.  Kevin is retired already.  Granted, he is A LOT older than me (not really, just 10 years) and he did start work very young and worked for the provincial government for many many years.  He also is incredibly hard working and managed to save a lot. As a result, Kev has a decent pension and was able to retire comfortably  He's been asking me to consider retiring as well, or at the very least scaling back on my hours so that we can do things together - travel being the biggest thing on his mind.

Until now, I haven't given it a lot of serious thought.  I love my job and can't imagine not doing it.  It is nice to know that if I were to stop working then I'd have enough yarn in my stash that not only would I not need to buy any yarn for many years, but I'd also be able to try new yarn out on a regular basis.  It is a little ridiculous how much I've accumulated.  One day I'll be brave enough and actually post pictures of it all.  Until then it is my own private embarrassment. 

So far this year, I haven't felt driven to start something new.  I have felt the need to finish off some of those half completed projects that I have everywhere.  I'm actually thinking of not starting ANYTHING new, unless I finish an older FO.  Meaning, I can't cast on anything new until I've finished something old.  Maybe by doing this, I'll get a bunch of things finished.

My first FO is a simple pair of after though heel socks that I've knit for Amy's boyfriend Maxime.  He really loves handknit socks and really appreciates them.  He's an easy guy to knit for and so knitworthy.  The yarn is a worsted weight, self striping by Regia or Opal - I cant remember where.  His birthday is in March and Amy may even be going to visit him during his March break.  He is currently doing his PhD in Maryland USA.  Not really worsted weight sock weather there, but he is a native Montrealer, so he can appreciate things to keep warm.

Now, I'm able to cast on something new, but the desire is still not there, so I'm going to go with it.  I want to finish up some more things.  I'm thinking that Quiviut Cowl that I've been knitting forever may be the next up for completion.  I've been savoring the quiviut because it is a joy to knit and its so expensive that I'm doubtful I'll be knitting with this yarn a lot.  Jessie and I purchased a skein of this each a while back.  She knit up her yarn pretty quickly, whereas I've been kind of dragging on the project.  Partly because I want to savor it, but mostly because that's the kind of knitter I am -  casting on whatever strikes my fancy. 

The cowl is very beautiful.  The pattern is in Romi Hill's recent books called New Lace Knitting; Designs for Wide Open Spaces  I've currently got the body of the cowl finished and am working on the short rows for the back of the neck.  Then its on to the lace edging and I'm done.  After that, maybe I'll cast on two new projects.  Or maybe I'll take a look around and see an aran weight cabled cardigan that is 1/3 done, or I'll see those striped mitts that have one finished and the cuff done on the second.  Or, I'll see the bulky weight dropped stitch cowl that's half done.  Sadly, I could go on and on and describe about a dozen other projects.

So, here is to 2017 and the hopes that I will clean out some of the old half finished or even barely started projects.  And, who knows?  Maybe, I'll get bitten by the 'startitis' bug and cast on a dozen new projects between this post and the next one.  I'll be going with the flow in any case. Wish me luck!!